2 way SMS was never easier than this.

We provide you a inbound messaging system as a hosted solution.¬†With extraim’s 2-way messaging solution, you will be able to receive replies from your clients and auto reply them.

Replies can be received in the following ways:

1) In the Inbox of your account in our panel.

2) We can “forward” the messages over HTTP.

3) We can “forward” the messages over SMPP.

4) Develop custom modules based on your needs


How it works?

Step 1: Configure the way you want to receive SMS
Step 2: Configure the way you want to send SMS
Step 3: Configure the keyword identifiers
Step 4: Choose a billing method if you wish

Our system receives SMS from any provider via SMPP or HTTP and your modem or mobile phone.
Each incoming message is parsed and our system automatically sends a predefined reply per keyword.

Use your short code or even host your own SIM card with our free application.

Please note that our 2 Way SMS services can be integrated with SMS Service Engine.