Our solution “Hosted SMPP Server” is the all-in-one plan. We provide to you all the applications and services in one plan that cover all your needs. You do not have to worry about server and software management as our specialists will take care of this.

It is the first time that a company is offering a SaaS SMPP server to any client. This means almost zero investment on your side. We take care everything on your behalf.

Please note that Hosted SMPP server is not a bulk SMS service provider. Also, it is not a replacement for a bulk SMS service provider. You need a connection to an SMS service provider before you can send any messages with SMPP Server.

Our hosted SMPP server is a middleware service which simplifies the difficult process of connecting to one or more SMS service providers.

Our software connects to SMS service providers using SMPP for the best possible performance.

What is SMS service provider?

SMS service provider is a company that is working with mobile operators to terminate SMS to their network. If you are looking for a free SMS service then our services are not suitable for you.

What you get in this plan:

  • SMPP Server to provide unlimited SMPP client connections
  • Add any provider you wish*
  • Reseller System for your clients (HTTP – SMPP)
  • Included free SMS Service Engine

What are the advantages?

The application is hosted in our cluster. This means that we take care about it’s maintenace, upgrades and support FREE of charge. It is an absolute white label solution and can be customized for your needs with changeable templates.

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